Business Planning and Consulting Services

As your business advisor, we address your concerns, such as making your business run more efficiently, evaluating if management has the right people in place, streamlining communication with other employees, and evaluating that the accounting information systems are running at full effectiveness. By analyzing your operations, we can help to lower your administrative costs, improve your job costing information and streamline the flow of information by providing:

• Internal Control Review

• Assistance with General Ledger and Job Costing Set-Up

• Computation of Correct Estimated Overhead Application

("Burden" or "Fringe") Rate for Job Costing, Estimation and Bidding

• Efficient File Set-Up

• Budgeting and Planning

• Lease/Buy Analysis

• Business Process Improvement

• Cash Management Reviews

• Computer Software Support and Purchase Guidance

• Overall Business Review

• Human Resources including Recruitment, Interviews and Staff Retention

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